Old Dock Opening July 1

The Old Dock Restaurant in Essex, NY undergoing renovations for the summer of 2011

The Old Dock Restaurant in Essex, NY undergoing renovations for the summer of 2011.

I stopped by The Old Dock Restaurant on Thursday to catch up with Steve McKenna who was pruning hedges and getting the parking lot ready for their July 1 opening date. Really? Really!

Despite totally record breaking Lake Champlain flooding, McKenna has worked around the clock for weeks to revitalize this Essex, NY landmark. I can’t begin to guess how many times I’ve been asked about the Old Dock this spring. It’s one of the iconic Essex buildings on the waterfront, and for many the images of the entire restaurant, parking lot and pier submerged for almost two months seemed an insurmountable challenge. And yet, miraculously, the Old Dock is back on her feet and promises to be better than ever.

I look forward to a frosty libation and a perfect sunset soon… Who’s coming?

7 thoughts on “Old Dock Opening July 1

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